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I took golf up when I turned 30 - having been an All-American swimmer in high school ( a relay!). In less than 4 years, I went from a hack to scratch...and won my 1st Club Championship (yes...THE Club Champ...The Big Dog). Was a runner-up once, and won 2 more all in 5 years. 

In 2010, when I turned 55 (2010), I got one more shot at Glory. An old friend and I qualified for the VA State Senior 2-man Championship (now you can be 50!). Somehow, after the 1st day, we were 3rd! Then...well...we finished in the middle of the pack: but - it was a sobering experience...I realized that not only wasn't I good anymore, it wasn't my fault. See, actually...I was better than I ever was...but...I couldn't play from the tips like all of the competitors. Hell, I couldn't even play from the Men's tees - arthritis and age! I could still shoot low 70's...but I had to do it hitting 3-woods into half the par 4s...I had to be soooo much better than the guys I was playing with just to lose decently.
But I was better than they were...

One day I wasn't feeling I moved up a tee box...made 3 straight birdies - hitting irons into the greens! Oh My. So I moved up again...ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT TEES. Shot a 32, 4-under on the back, hitting approach shots like the pros. Long story short: I'm a mathematician (sortof). I realized that I wanted to play like I used to - and that all I had to do was equalize my swing speed with the tee boxes. (This is when Tee It Forward started, RecGolf is that and more!). I was swinging at 80mph. The Big Dogs, all those who correctly play and are scratch from the tips (like I did!),  swing at 110mph.

When I played from a yardage that was 80/110ths from whatever yardage the tips were, my scoring average dropped under par. I was good. Again. Like I always was. And because I never do anything half-ass...I 'solved' Golf. All of it: Handicaps (don't get me started: talk about laughable systems - just like with cryptgraphy, time to fix the nonsense!), Rules (oh my...when you need a 2nd golf cart just to pull the rule book around the course, something's seriously wrong!) And How To Play The Game Like A Pro. SO...I created a 501(c) company, was going to take The RecGolf Solution public, but I lost interest.

If you want to see that old Absolutely Incredible New Way To Play REAL GOLF and start enjoying the game, take a look - the two papers are some of the research on the full site:
DISCLAIMER: The RecGolf site and company are NO LONGER ACTIVE - and the company is NOT accepting donations - it is provided for informational purposes only!

I know what you're thinking...He's got Net-Zero, and all this environmental stuff on this site...and here's golf??! One of the worst offenders - land, water, golf carts, oh my! Well...
You're right...I'm part of all of our Moral Dissonance...but I drive a Leaf, and have a Net-Zero home...If I was perfect, now that would be news!! :)